TXT Messaging is the name for Verizon Wireless’s 1 and 2-way text messaging services. TXT Messaging provides a fast, fun and economical alternative to phone calls.

Send pictures, short video clips, sounds, and text in one message. Create and manage photo and video albums online at PIX Place.

1-way TXT Messaging lets you receive:

•Email alerts from any Internet email
•News, sports, weather, horoscopes
•Messages from others via the Internet
Messages from 2-way wireless phones

2-way TXT Messaging lets you send text messages to multiple wireless users and email addresses directly from a 2-way capable phone. It’s perfect:

•Keep it short!
•Where you can’t talk!
•Keep it private!
•Keep it affordable!
You can send and receive text messages to other wireless users and email addresses directly from your phone while keeping your communication short and/or private.

Get It Now is a technology and service that allows you to download and use applications on your Verizon Wireless Get It Now-enabled phone. For example, you can quickly and easily download ringtones, games, emails, directions, instant messages and more to your phone and use them right on your handset.

You pay per application at the time of download and each application has specific pricing. Airtime charges apply while browsing for and downloading applications on your phone. Some applications incur airtime charges during use.

V-CAST Music is the name for the Verizon Wireless mobile music service available through Get It Now®. Transform your wireless phone into a portable music player by syncing music you already own from your PC and/or expanding your collection by purchasing new songs or albums from the Verizon Wireless music catalog via your phone or a PC. Take both your calls and music with you whenever you want, wherever you go.

V CAST Mobile TV is the name for Verizon Wireless’ high quality mobile TV delivery service. With V CAST Mobile TV, you can experience real full motion video and sound to stay abreast of the latest news, entertainment, sport scores and plays all from your handset.

VZ Navigator is a Get It Now application that allows you to locate places, get directions to any destination and to get a map of a location. There are four features, shown as menu options, within VZ Navigator: (i) Navigation provides turn-by-turn directions with audible prompts when you are approaching a turn; (ii) Local Search provides the ability to search for places of interest such as restaurants, gas stations and ATMs; (iii) My Places provides quick access to locations you have saved or recent location searches you have performed; and (iv) Maps provides the ability to select a location and view maps of the selected location.

Be out in the world and connected to it at the same time. With Mobile Web 2.0, you’re just 3 clicks away from taking your favorite news and information sites like CNN and Fox Sports, with you. Put the world in your pocket on your wireless phone.

Chaperone provides a convenient and valuable service to help you determine the location of your child’s mobile phone from the Internet or from your mobile phone. When your children carry their Verizon Wireless phones with them while on the go, you can use the Chaperone Web Site or the Chaperone Parent Get It Now® application to view their location information. Your child’s location information will be displayed as a nearby address and on a detailed map.

Bluetooth is a wireless networking technology designed primarily to replace cables for communication between personal computing and communication devices. For example, Bluetooth technology allows you to use a wireless headset to place and receive calls.

Instant Messaging gives you access to your AIM, Yahoo! or MSN Instant Messaging community. Stay in touch with family and friends while you’re on the go.

Instant Messages are charged just like TXT Messages so you can use your TXT bundle or pay as you go. Instant Messages are not included as IN messages in any Unlimited IN Messaging bundle.

What’s the difference between Text Messaging and Instant Messaging?

Text messages are short messages that can be sent from one mobile phone to another mobile phone by using the recipient’s mobile phone number.

Instant messages are messages exchanged back and forth in real time by using the recipient’s screen name. At Verizon Wireless, Instant Messaging allows you to communicate with your friends or family in the AIM, Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger communities. With the AIM, Yahoo! or MSN mobile IM client, you can see who is available, busy, or offline.

Picture Messaging is the ability to take your own picture using your picture messaging phone and send it to other compatible phones as well as to any email address. You can also dress up the photos you send with text or sounds you record right on your phone. And, of course, you can also receive photos on your picture messaging phone, too.

Video Messaging is the ability to record your own 15-second video using your video messaging phone and send it to other compatible phones as well as to any email address. You can also add text right on your phone.

Note: Video messaging phones are also picture messaging phones. Therefore, users can also capture photos and send and receive picture messages. However, not all picture messaging phones have video messaging capability.

Built-in speakerphone – allows for safe, hands-free conversation while driving.

Removable memory is available in various sizes, allowing you to store audio, photos and videos separately from the device’s internal memory space. Each memory card is packaged with a full size SD adapter which can be used with other full size devices such as a laptop, music player or digital camera.

Now you can get the broadband-like speed you require to work efficiently outside the office. Using one of our wireless PC cards or BroadbandAccess Connect capable wireless devices with your laptop, you can connect to the Internet, corporate intranet, check your email and download attachments with average download speeds of 400 – 700 Kbps.

BroadbandAccess will give you the freedom to stay productive and connected whether you’re on the road or in a meeting across town. You will also receive NationalAccess service when outside the BroadbandAccess Rate and Coverage Area. NationalAccess is available in thousands of cities and towns and allows download speeds of 60-80 Kbps and burst up to 144 Kbps.

VZEmail provides innovative solutions that allow you to keep tabs on your email*, access your contacts in an instant, and check your busy schedule with ease. You have two ways to use VZEmail – either with BlackBerry® or Wireless Sync.

BlackBerry provides you with the benefits of “always-on” email on the Verizon Wireless National Enhanced Service Area.

Wireless Sync allows you to send and receive email directly from PDAs, Smartphones, or various handsets.

A small built-in keyboard for fast and easy messaging.

Windows Mobile is an operating system that can bring much of the power of your personal computer to a mobile device. Windows Mobile combines rich features with a highly-intuitive, user-friendly interface and enables you to go to work without actually having to “go” to work.

The Palm OS platform is a compact operating system for smartphones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). It is designed to be easy-to-use and similar compared to desktop operating systems. The Palm OS is combined with a suite of basic applications including an address book, clock, note pad, sync and security software which makes the platform uniquely designed for the needs of today’s mobile world and gives people easy control over the mobile information, communication, and entertainment in their lives, when and where they want it. There are also over 20,000 Palm OS applications available from the developer community that provide a powerful mobile-computing experience for Palm OS users.

National Access is Verizon Wireless’ national wireless Internet service, which enables users to access the Internet, email, attachments, and business applications with a laptop at average speeds of 60-80 kbps and bursts up to 144 kbps. You may experience slower data speeds. Choose a Mobile Office Kit for your NationalAccess data-capable phone. Or choose a Type II modem card and increase your mobility when using a PDA or laptop.

Devices come with a Pre-Installed SIM Card that are both CDMA and GSM Capable. Voice service in over 220 countries, data in over 200 countries, more than 125 with 3G Speeds.

Organize and manage your pictures, videos, and music on your phone and computer with V CAST Media Manager.

An option that allows you to read voice messages as text. See and delete messages without placing a call. Enjoy the simplicity of checking your voice mail in a visual format.

Push to Talk is a walkie-talkie / two-way radio type of service that provides simple communication with the touch of a button. A quick, convenient option to stay in touch with callers you contact frequently.

Put the planet in your pocket. With Skype mobile get unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls and IM with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Capture and share compelling images with a digital camera right on your phone.


Our music service that lets you explore millions of songs, buy tracks online or on the go from your phone from your phone, and subscribe to unlimited access to music. Download the software to transfer music to your phone, manage your music collection, and get a copy of songs you purchased on your phone.

A rich operating system with innovative mobile applications.

1Ghz Snapdragon Processor

HTML Web Browser

Navigate through onscreen device menus with a simple touch of the finger or stylus (if supported by your device). An elegant alternative to the traditional keypad and keyboard.

Scrolling through pictures is a breeze with the new 3D photo gallery. And to make life super easy, you can sync your photos with the ones you store on Picasa. That way is easier to show off pics from the party last night or your vacation last year.

Keeping up with your daily stream of random thoughts, links, and check-ins can be super-difficult. Now all your social network updates show up together, whether they’re Facebook friends or people you follow on Twitter. And when an LOL or OMG hits, you can also quickly update your own status.

Use the amazing speech recognition software to turn your spoken words into words on the screen. Just press the microphone button and talk. It works for emails, texts, and searching! Your fingers will enjoy the break.

4G Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your compatible Smarthphone’s 4G connection with up to 8 wi-fi enabled devices, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, camera, PDA’s, portable gaming systems and more.

Virtual QWERTY Keyboard

Slider and QWERTY Keyboard

3G Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your compatible Smartphone’s 3G connection with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, cameras, PDAs, portable gaming systems and more.

WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

A location-based resource management tool that provides businesses the ability to locate, monitor and communicate with their mobile workforce. The service is offered through a monthly subscription available from Verizon Wireless business sales.

Engineered to perform, designed to last, and built to survive, it can handle just about anything you throw its way.

Speech Recognition

Transfer digital music files to your phone to listen on the go. Music format compatibility depends on the phone model. With V CAST Music with Rhapsody, you can purchase music or subscribe for a monthly fee and get unlimited access to music.

Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Connect up to five WiFi-enabled devices at one time

Internal Antenna

Type A USB Port compatible via included miniUSB cable